I started creating my garments at the age of nine.  I helped my mum make dresses and school skirts from time to time at the kitchen table with the old sewing machine we’d had for years.  Little did I know I would have a wardrobe full of my own creations in a few years’ time.

Aged eleven, I started making my own pieces almost completely independently from scratch.  That was when I began to go to Amanda Riley’s Fashion Factory, weekly. 

My first project was a pair of leggings that I tie-dyed myself with yellow and green dyes.  Almost seven years on and I’ve just returned home with an upcycled box shirt made with very little guidance.  Over the years I’ve learned to find complimentary colours and patterns without overwhelming a piece. 

The past two years I have especially focussed on my machine embroidery, creating sewn images and badges/patches that are then added to garments or accessories.  Click here to purchase in my shop!

I’m so thankful for all the teaching and guidance I have had through the years and am excited to keep learning more!


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