Hi welcome to my wardrobe, showcasing some of the pieces I have made. Only some are up-cycled but all of them are 100% made by me! Enjoy having a look through!

I made this skirt when I was 12, out of several old jumpers. I didn’t have an amazing eye for style back then but the piece is a great example of what to do with old clothes you don’t need any more. The long at the back silhouette is also a fun way to mix up a boring skater skirt shape, allowing you to showcase a fun lining fabric.

Shortly after the skirt, I made the peplum top with the same fabric as the front lining of the skirt. I also chose that fabric to pull out the warm tones in the front panel of the skirt. The peplum on the hem matches the downward flow of the skirt too!

This is one of my favourite pieces that I still wear today! I think I made this when I was about 14. AND It still fits me. I wore it on my interview to the London College of Fashion and I got in! I think my interviewer was impressed that it was made completely out of recycled T-shirt’s! A few years later I made the same style of dress with a white bodice and a rainbow skirt. For this dress I made a few changes, I brought up the waist-line and added ties to the shoulders instead of a single strap. My hoped to wear it to pride but I haven’t had the chance. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to show off my creation.

I made this dress when I was 15 out of a cream quilted fabric. It was cut from a simple shift dress pattern. Unfortunately, this piece isn’t upcycled but it is a sweet and simple addition to my collection.

This backpack is a great complimentary accessory to the white shift dress and I made it around the same time. I went for a red white and black colour scheme which created a mini mouse aesthetic. This bag was one of my first more successful attempts at patchworking. I used swatches of old cotton fabrics and some additional fabric for the lining, sides and top. It was also my first time putting buckles onto a design of mine and it was a bit confusing at first but it means that the straps are adjustable!

This beach dress was made when I was 16. As it uses so much fabric, it couldn’t be made from upcycled fabric. As I am very tall, I actually ended up using the most fabric out of anyone else in the history of the fashion factory. The dress features a low back and tie straps around the neck and back to create shape. The ties me to choose how high up the neckline sits and pull in at the waist to create a more elegant hour glass figure against the full skirt. The lightweight cotton and breezy shape make it perfect to wear over a bikini on the beach during summer!

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