Unsustainable fashion is harming our planet more than we realise, but young fashion-forward people including me have come up with a way to slow this down and show others how to dress in a sustainable way – upcycling! Did you know, if you wear a t-shirt for an extra 9 months, you will reduce its carbon footprint by 20 to 30%?

So, if it has a hole in it, fix it; if you’re bored of it, make it into something new.

Or, if you’re stuck with inspiration, take a look at my gallery or drop me a message! We don’t need any more clothes, we just need to learn how to make the ones we have last longer. So pick up a needle and thread and learn to help our planet! Alternatively, you can support my efforts by buying something from my store. Together we can make our clothes last a lifetime 🙂

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